Jean-François Mailloux
Jean-Philippe Lavoie
July 27, 28, 29, 2021
7:30 PM
Salle Henri-Gagnon (Casault Pavillon - Université Laval)

Be drawn into the enchanting world of Charles Perreault with this creation of Donkeyskin, performed in the original French, Peau d’âne. Composed by Jean-François Mailloux on a libretto by Jean-Philippe Lavoie, this new take on a humorous tale will delight those who remained young at heart, however old they may be.

The plot begins in the Kingdom of the Fairies. In a faraway land, in times immemorial, the Queen has just passed away : before dying, she made her husband, the King of the Fairies, promise to only remarry with a more beautiful woman than her. However, the only person in the whole kingdom who can compete with the late Queen’s beauty is his daughter the Princess, whom he plans to marry on the spot. Horrified by this incestuous union, the Princess and her godmother, the Fairy of the Lilacs, come up with a scheme in order to divert the King from his unfortunate project. They ask the King three incongruous wishes that must be granted if he is to obtain the Princess’s hand: a fine gold engagement ring set with diamonds; a rare, limited edition cookbook; and, finally, the skin of the King’s favourite donkey, from which he derives his enormous fortune.

Having met his daughter’s eccentric requests one after the other, will the King gain the upper hand? Donkeyskin has other plans: she flees to the neighbouring Kingdom of the Lilies with the Fairy of the Lilacs, each impersonating the other. The Prince of the Lilies falls madly in love with the Fairy of the Lilacs, whom he believes to be a princess, and soon proposes to her. Donkeyskin is tasked with baking the wedding cake: she drops her ring, quickly retrieved by the Valet. But low and behold! The Valet, who for his part became rather fond of Donkeyskin, is in fact the eldest son of the Queen and the King of the Lilies, born before their marriage. The latter can therefore marry Donkeyskin, who in the meantime has revealed her true identity.



Music : Jean-François Mailloux
Libretto : Jean-Philippe Lavoie


Éva-Marie Cloutier
Princess of the Fairies – Donkeyskin

Jessica Latouche
Fairy of the Lilacs

Francis Belcourt
King of the Fairies

Dominique Gagné
Prince of the Lilies

Hugo Laporte

Laurie Tremblay
Queen of the Lilies

Étienne Quirion

Chorus of the Fairies
Molly Fournier : Euterpe
Geneviève Labrèche : Terpsichore
Jennifer Blackburn-Savard : Thalie
Amélie Pelchat : Calliope
Oneyda Bigot : Erato
Élizabeth Veilleux : Melpomène

Musical Direction and Scenography : Jean-François Mailloux
: Jean-Philippe Lavoie
: Ghislaine Vincent
Makeup Design: Géraldine Rondeau
Costumes Design: Judith Bouchard
Sets Design: Claude Mercier
Lighting Design : Alain Martel and Sylvain Mailloux
Stage Direction Assistant : André Roy
Scenography Assistant : Clara Boutin


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